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Last Updated: Oct 03, 2016 11:39AM HST

The Fulfillment feature allows you to easily record and check in guests as they arrive for fulfillment of their purchase. It is also a helpful tool to help you prepare for your activities in advance.

1. From the dashboard, click on "Operations", then “Fulfillment” from the dropdown.



2. If you have any bookings to record, they will show up on this page. The page defaults to search for all "UNRECORDED" bookings with an activity date of today or later. However, you can change the settings to look for a specific day or date range by changing the "From" and "To" fields.


Change the "Status" field to narrow your search results to certain booking statuses. Your options are "ALL", "RECORDED", and "UNRECORDED".


To keep your process organized, you can also view bookings for just one of your activities by using the Activity List dropdown.


To verify that you have "received" a booking, you can record a booking simply by clicking on the "RECORD" checkbox.  The system will automatically save the action and that booking will "disappear" from view.  Don't can now view this booking by changing the "Status" field to "RECORDED" or "ALL" and then clicking on "GO".


The booking headers are color coded to help you visualize the Status of each booking: RED = New, ORANGE = Changed, GREEN = Recorded, BLACK = Canceled, and BLUE = an activity that is operating today.


Keep in mind, the page automatically refreshes every 5 minutes, but you can use the "GO" button to manually refresh at any time. So you can leave this screen up with the "UNRECORDED" filter selected, and as new bookings are made, they will automatically appear.



3. For additional filtering options click on the "Advanced" link.


4. After clicking on "Advanced" you now have the option to search by Activity Tracking Code and Activity Time or click on the tick-box option to show cancelled sales.



5. Click on "Change View" to view bookings in list form to easily record them or see a bigger picture view.

​ ​


6. Click on "Smart Log" to see any changes made to the itinerary or to leave comments.



To see more information about each guest, click on “Show All Guests.” Click “Hide All Guests” to hide the guest information again.


5. Are you using ActivityRez as your system of record? While viewing the "RECORDED" bookings, you can use the "Check In" or "No Show" checkboxes to track who has arrived and checked in, or who has not shown up. Remember, clicking on the checkbox will automatically save the setting.


You may also click on the "Export" button to download a spreadsheet or click on "PRINT" to print the selected criteria.

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